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Laren is a life saver! Very professional and my son improves weekly.

Ben's mom

I came to Laren with vocal nodules which were interfering with my daily work.  In less than 10 sessions, my vocal nodules went away and my voice is my own again.  You are the best!


As a biochemical engineer, I need to have conversations efficiently with clients, a skill I have struggled with since childhood.  I now have the tools I need to be successful at meetings.


Hasan has a very good time with Ms. Lydia. He enjoys coming to the speech sessions. Ms. Lydia is great and very patient with Hasan. Hasan has been progressing gradually - We look forward to continue working with Ms. Lydia.

Hasan's mom

My daughter made significant gains in her first few weeks at All Star Speech Therapy. She has improved dramatically in her speech blends, and it has helped build her confidence when speaking. Ms. Laren and Ms. Carly have really helped my daughter.

Emma's father

I look back to when I was slurring my speech from a mild stroke.  I felt so scared not knowing if it would go away and honestly I was embarrassed.  Laren instantly made me feel at ease and encouraged that I would regain my speech.  I am now back to work and know that I couldn't have done it without her support.


Nicholas has Autism and is currently non-verbal; therefore we were seeking outside therapy to help with his functional communication. From the minute we met Ms. Laren & Ms. Lydia, we felt confident they would help us with his needs. Ms. Lydia keeps up with Nicholas's energy and keeps him engaged with the things he loves. Since starting All Star Speech Therapy, Nicholas has shown gains in trying to properly engage with peers such as waving hello, requesting items and more. Anyone who has a child with Autism understands how such a small accomplishment can go a long way. Nicholas absolutely loves attending speech therapy and the entire staff is so kind, helpful and accommodating. Thank you, All Star Speech Therapy!

Nicholas's mom

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